Karine Parker-Lemoyne BIOGRAPHY

Karine is a very creative French-American painter, curator, educator and community developer who believes in the power of creativity and Art to make this world a better place. She lives in Houston, Texas.

 Karine Parker is attracted by movement and colors in her work. The flow birthing from her brush invites us into her universe, where life begins, and overflows into new worlds, riding the secret wave away from figurative boundaries. 

She explored Art techniques at the “Beaux-Arts” of Amiens (academic French Art School) for several years when she was a teenager. She developed her artistic talents through workshops in France, England and the US. Her life in London awakened her insatiable want for expressing her soul through Art. Underground exhibits and a tight circle of friends made her London years decisive in knowing that Art was to become her calling.
After a successful career as a top-level executive in corporate banking in Paris (performance management, financial and strategic planning), Karine Parker moved to Houston in 2007 and started producing international and outreach art projects aiming at developing bridges of understanding between communities. By adding music, writing, performance, and other media to her projects, she has created a sensory 360-degree environment for appreciating art and intercultural dialogue. Her dedication to a greater purpose of the community transcends traditional formats and breathe new life into artistic outreach and creative expressions. In 2008, she founded the RougeArt movement. In 2011, she curated independently “Go West 1,” a project that was presented at the headquarters of UNESCO in Paris in the framework of “2010: International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures,” for which UNESCO was the leading agency.

She was hired in December 2011 to run the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts as its Executive and Program Director.

One of her recent major projects as a program director, curator and community developer is the 2012-2013 citywide “Open the Door” public art project, inviting the public to imagine life as a myriad of gateways, leading to meaningful encounters and possibilities. For this program, she created public and private partnerships with more than 50 organizations which allowed French and Texan artists, students, professors and volunteers to create 60 cultural artistic pivoting doors that were installed in 19 different locations throughout the city including locations in underserved areas.  Open the Door became an opportunity for diverse communities and artists to come together and to inspire each other, and to dare to use their creativity in a new format and new locales. By offering a form of expression that embodies communities’ spirit and making it accessible to the public, OPEN THE DOOR took people’s consciousness outside of their house, of their office, and their cars, to see the world beyond walls and welcoming our neighbor through open doors. The program also showed student artists — some of whom were as young as 11 — that their art and creativity could affect the world in a positive way.

Developing programs that use creativity and art as a tool to break down boundaries and build human and social connections, gave her the opportunity to witness the ability of the youth to serve a greater purpose in the community and to bring innovative ideas that can transform the world around them. This leads her now to work with children as well as high schools and university students in order to invite them to reimagine and improve public spaces with the objective to strengthen the connection between people and the places they share. She named that program she developed for the Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, “From A Space To A Place,” to invite the youth to transform a space that does not have any meaning for them into a place they want to invest in and to grow because they feel they belong. The program is being implemented in diverse schools/community centers across Houston.

These projects have been very successful in transforming not only a physical space, but the youth themselves. They have gained a sense that their voice is important and that they can be the positive change they wish to see in this world.

Her academic training in business management and in the arts, allowed her to speak to various audiences and to give numerous speeches to CEOs of big corporations as well as professors of high schools and universities (Including the University of Houston Downtown, Lone Star College, Rice University.) 

Her work can be found in various private and public collections, in France and in the U.S.
Her past exhibits in Texas include in Houston: the Williams Tower, the Jung Center, the Houston Public Library World languages Center, RougeArt series, KC Art Gallery, the Beginnings Art Gallery, Talento Bilingüe de Houston; Gallery M Squared, Total Plazza, Continental, and Allen Center Art Galleries, the French Alliance; and in Marfa: The International Woman’s Foundation.
Her past exhibits in Paris include the City Hall of Paris, UNESCO and Dorothy’s Gallery.
Karine has held many creative workshops and was an artist demonstrator at the Bayou City Art Festival in 2009 and at NAMTA in 2016 in Houston.


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